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Hanging out in front of Murals

SXSW took a page out of Paris-Nice’s playbook; it started cold, wet, and sloppy and ended with sunshine and happiness. It’s not just every day that you see an enormous wave towering […]

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You’re Welcome California

We wrapped up the last blog with a photo of this genre — sweet bike with sweet backdrop. The sun had finally peaked its lovely head to damp California after a harsh two month […]

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From my keen observation, if you’re from California, you refer to Paso Robles simply as “Paso”. If you’re from any other state, it’s “Paso Robles” and it likely doesn’t mean a darn thing. I […]

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Reading List

There are pictures and the occasional imbedded video, but presumably you come to this blog to read something. It’ll probably occupy three to five minutes of your day and then you’re onto […]

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