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There are pictures and the occasional imbedded video, but presumably you come to this blog to read something. It’ll probably occupy three to five minutes of your day and then you’re onto […]

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Avoiding the Atmospheric River

Winter isn’t the recommended season to work on one’s tan. That is, unless you’re a dermatologist and believe that all sun exposure is bad. Alternatively, you could go to the Southern Hemisphere […]

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Practice makes perfect.

I had a coach once bark out, “Practice does not make perfect!” He reasoned that you could be practicing incorrectly and therefore you’re honing technique incorrectly. Thus, he touted, perfect practice makes perfect. But […]

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Hi de ho, campers!

After my final professional race, I remember my first day that it was raining and I was presented the opportunity to ride or not ride. I chose to ride. Sure, I’m the first […]

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