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Monday: my Tour de France post-facto teammate analysis

Not all Mondays are created equally. There are Mondays after vacations, Mondays after a long wedding or reunion weekend; there are traditional Mondays after a standard weekend, and then there’s the painfully […]

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Part Deux. The #tourXnewengland Saga Rolls on

At last check, we were four phenomenal days into the #tourXnewengland. We had crossed many bridges — some antiquated and covered, others less majestic and more proverbial — and we were just […]

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#tourX stages, the first 2/3

Did you know that Maine is enormous? Well, it is. As in, it’s not just another state amid the tiny states that is New England, Maine is like having a slightly smaller […]

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Have you ever had the scintillating luxury of trying┬áSriracha peas? They’re a bit like wasabi peas, but coated in spicy Sriracha. As you’d guess they’re shades of red rather than shades of […]

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