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I Recently Raced a Train

You can probably guess how the race turned out, but the video clearly was a stunner! Great work C-Milli! This was all part of a recent trip to a hidden pocket of […]

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Ted’s Talk

Podcasts. Videos. Stories. Yeah yeah, these examples of modern media are trending now and it’s not too crazy to think that I’ll start some type of ‘cast in the not so distant […]

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A sums game

Pedaling the whole shebang of the 2018 Coast Ride over three days is physically taxing. It takes a toll on the mind too. 22 hours of riding over 135 miles on day […]

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TCR. That’s short for “The Coast Ride”

The Coast Ride is well underway with more than 300 miles covered in the opening two days. The vast majority of that in today’s mega (mega mega) jaunt down the, umm… coast. […]

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