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Haute Route in the Rearview. Phew.

Oh Haute Route, how I know not how to describe thee… Even in retrospect, it’s incredibly hard to full grasp what Hot Route full entails. But suffice it to say that it’s […]

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#200on100 is BACK

My New England cohort, Tim Johnson and I have long had similar but totally incongruent schedules. So it’s once in a rare blue moon that they align to give us something awesome […]

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That Pretty Much Covers All (or most of) It

Professional cyclists, without fail, will ask how’s the weather been, as long as enough time has passed since last seeing friends. Weather is related to training and training is basically a barometer […]

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Monday: my Tour de France post-facto teammate analysis

Not all Mondays are created equally. There are Mondays after vacations, Mondays after a long wedding or reunion weekend; there are traditional Mondays after a standard weekend, and then there’s the painfully […]

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