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Have you ever had the scintillating luxury of trying Sriracha peas? They’re a bit like wasabi peas, but coated in spicy Sriracha. As you’d guess they’re shades of red rather than shades of […]

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I’m back baby

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. So I’m told, anywho. By that logic, one would assume that a greater distance makes for greater fondness. Conveniently Dirty Kanza is billed as 200 miles, but […]

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Gravel is Dead. Long Live Gravel!

The lyrical genius that was Yogi Berra connected words together like the crisp connection of a wooden bat to a leather baseball. No one comes here anymore, it’s too crowded. That’s a […]

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Tours of California

While the Amgen Tour of California was spinning its way the length of the Golden State last week, the Ted King Tour of California was equally riveting, albeit with ever so slightly less […]

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