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A different view of Kanza

2700 people have 2700 different views of Kansas. Here’s Zipp’s view and it’s a really really good one.

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Ted’s Talk with James Stout

Our next guest on Ted’s Talk was a professional cyclist with Team Type 1. He is the Executive Director of the Diabetes Community Empowerment Project, an organization which uses peer mentored and […]

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#KingoftheRide wants #MoreKidsonBikes

We live in a tough world with crime and hate and disease and poverty and all sorts of bad news every time you open the paper or flip on the TV. Switching […]

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Happy Trails

Here’s a little 3 minute tease of what Kanza is all about. I raced for 10 hours 44 minutes, so this is only a fraction of the fun. Thanks Pup n Suds […]

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