Welcome Home!

INFINITE AWESOME.That's the eternal award that's been offered up for anyone willing to produce the blue prints for the iamtedking suitcase-home-sweet-home hybrid. There have been a handful of submissions and I thank you for all of them. Here are the best ones in the hunt for infinite awesome supremacy.1. First up, I'll award creativity points for Wendy's lack of clip art skills, because she makes up for that with an impressive showing of Post-It notes talent.


2. This next one resembles more of an apartment building on wheels brought to you with pride and care from Kodi. I'm not just jerking your collective chains here, I'm a huge fan of gardens and growing local food and all that jibber jabber. So the apple trees in my front yard are an excellent addition to this number.

3. Submission number three arrives courtesy of Steve C. I'm really partial to Santa Clause kicking it on my roof. The arboreal reflection in my window is pretty diesel as well. I'm certainly no city slicker, so that especially is a fine addition. Number 7 on the door, however, is a bit odd. I'm much more of a double digit kind of guy.

4. Steve E. entered the following beauty. Whereas the previous Steve's home is definitely more homey with the welcome mat and... well, windows, Steve number two leans much more towards the one-the-road suitcase. This is function over fashion in terms of being on the road and really Living the Suitcase Dream. I am, however, a huge fan of having a poster of my own face on the outside of my "home". That's brilliant (especially since, similarly, I have iamtedking stickers tattooed all over my suitcase. The iamnotTedKing stickers adorned on many of my teammates suitcases really doesn't help the soigneur's job any!).

5. This is the finest abode from the selection. I think this house is just classy looking. I mean five windows (or more, depending on how you count) on the front of the house alone just shows that I'm moving up in the world and really live in a regal house. The railing on the front steps invites my neighbors over for a Welcome To The Neighborhood bundt cake like nothing else does!

Thoughts? Which is the winner in your books? Usually dictator in high Ted King does the voting, but I'll leave this round up to you in the form of comments.HOLLER.