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 The Blog

I went off to college and studied economics and mathematics and yet somewhere along the way, I learned how to link words together. I really enjoy writing and started the iamtedking blog way way back in 2006. Capturing the highs, lows, and everything in between from a professional cycling career and now delving into the nuances of everything it is that I do today, I think you’ll find some entertaining tidbits of this long-running brain dump.


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The Videos

Content is King.

My friend Ansel came over and explained an idea he had to create a video series about whatever the heck it was that I was doing these days. The idea had been percolating for years, but I never knew how to kickstart it. There was no time like the present so we jumped right in the next day. The Groad to Kanza was born, which has now segued to King of the Ride video series.

Here is that latest video, straight from the land of Vikings: Iceland! For the whole suite of videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel, here.


To see all my videos, be sure to visit my channel here and subscribe!

 The Podcast

“Speak softly and carry a decent microphone…” —Theodorus Roosevelt

There was probably never a Theordorus, but I’m lucky enough to travel a lot and interact with some really fascinating people who somehow have the thread of the bicycle woven in their life story. I carry my poddy recording set with me most places I go and try to get the movers and shakers of this world on the mic’. Please enjoy the show!