A River Runs Through It

Oh wait, no. That should read, A Race Goes By It. And by It I am referring to my house.As you can see here, a certain noteworthy bike race will come streaking through my European home town in a short while. Paris-Nice, you ask? Nope, I most certainly do not live in France. That would be altogether too French for me - with all due respect to the French. Rather, Tirreno-Adriatico will literally race directly by my front door.Obviously the woman riding in front of me here is ecstatic with this news as exhibited by her bright clothing and her cycling specific neckwear exuberantly giddily cast over her head.Meanwhile, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I report my knee is on the mend as I'm riding my bike again with regularity, although it's not yet full-gas training yet given my therapist's restrictions. I'm still timid on my knee so as to feel out what it can and cannot yet withstand. I'm about three weeks off from my next race and will give it adequate time to be awesome again. Go knee!In other news, the KoS was rumored to be on the prowl when I went for a round of bicycle practice earlier this week. It was a pleasantly cool easy day, noodling around town when I was approached on two wheels by a kindly British gentleman named Alan, seen here. Alan proceded to ask me a few question in fluent Italian, which I perfectly understood, but replied in a thick, proud New England accent, "Io sono Americano!"We chatted a bit longer, but the entire time both the KoS and I were taken aback by a certain distinguishing feature of Alan's attire. Can we please look at the photo above again and take a guess as to what I am referring...? Yes, obviously his stunning DOUBLE-CAP-TECHNIQUE.More than anything I suppose I was entertained by it all. Sure, it was chilly this morning, but certain aspects about the double headwear seem counterintuitive. For example, if it's cold, then why not simply wear one thicker hat? Or if it's that cold, wouldn't one be more concerned with keeping one's ears warm? Or, this being Italy, wouldn't one be wearing the cycling rife neckgaiter for risk of the elusively Italian near-50-degree-facial-frostbite?Yes, all prudent questions. But the KoS applauded Alan's doolie cap technique for no other reason than it's unique. And individuality in this sport is rare and (usually) awesome.Lastly, I'm pleased to report that my tomato plants are more than three inches tall and the basil is knee high to a grasshopper. Literally. We'll be having caprese salads in no time!