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I woke up at 8.

Then I ate breakfast. I had a baguette and coffee and orange juice.

Then I brushed my teeth.

Then I put on my cycling kit.

Then I went for a training ride.

Then I took a shower.

Then I ate lunch. I ate four pieces of lettuce. And a tomato.

Then I took a nap.

Then I got on the internet and bored the CRAP out of you.

No no no. We at iamtedking don't dabble with that nonsense! We offer behind the scenes excitement that (hopefully) brings you back time and again. Here, for example, is an unseen slice of reality from training camp: the camera crew risking life and limb for the sake of a dynamic, straight-to-your TV or computer screen video of training camp.

The van in chock full of video talent, producers, cinematographers, and one very accomplished driver of Italian stradi.

Ora, tempo per l'allenamento

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