After tweeting a glamor shot by Deb this morning, I've received a few requests for my previously misspelled Breakfast Oatmeal+Muslei (correction, Muesli) Pancake.While this may seem like a stick-to-your bones breakfast, a breakfast like this is recommended if you're going to set out on your bike soon afterward. If that's the case, you'll easily burn these calories, you'll fuel your metabolism, and your ride will be downright perfect. So in reality, it's anything but literal-stick-to-your-bones as you'll be lean and fit in no time flat, courtesy of the iamtedking pancake diet.I find measuring to be tedious and therefore tend to just wing it when I make meals - which is often. But for the sake of mimicking this at home, I'll ballpark the measurements the best I can.1/4 cup quick oats1/4 cup muesli1/2 cup hot(ish) water1/2 tsp baking sodadash of salt2 eggs1 gallon or so maple syrup. Fake syrup simply won't do.... + whatever else you deem fit for flavor. I recommend any of the following: cinnamon, blueberries, bananas, crushed nuts, or chocolate chips if you're feeling saucy.Put oats, muesli, salt and hot water in a bowl and let it sit for just a minute. Most of the water will soak into the oats and that's a good thing. Next add baking soda and eggs, plus anything additional you're hankering for. This morning, for example, feeling a bit spicy, I went with cinnamon.Oil or butter your pan. It's fairly important that you use a small pan of the 6-8" variety. The batter is rather liquidy, so it will spread out across the entire area of the pan's bottom. A massive 12" pan will probably just cause a headache and maybe a small mess.The hot water won't totally suffice in cooking the oat mixture, so you'll want to continue to cook the oats/muesli on the relatively low heat. So whereas normal pancakes are cooked on a piping hot griddle, I recommend medium-low. Pour batter into the pan and wait 5 minutes or more. The pancake will become fairly tall and that's a good sign that things are cooking and life is good. Pat yourself on the back and pour another cup of coffee. Then using a pliable spatula, try to get under the pancake to make sure nothing is sticking to the pan and to ensure the pancake will happily flip. I recommend getting an audience, taking a step back from the stove, and flipping the pancake dramatically. Practice is key so maybe you should make a dozen pancakes this morning. Cook the other side for 5 minutes or so and then saturate the pancake in enough syrup that should typically be reserved for a family of five.Enjoy.

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