Coming to Fruition

I am Ted King. The proof is in not in the pudding, the proof is in the jersey! Why? For one, I have received hundreds of requests for a cycling jersey since the iamtedking t-shirts and stickers have been selling like hot cakes after their debut mere months ago. Mind you, this is all still incredibly flattering since the original idea for the shirts I didn't think would result in more than about a dozen shirts sold... primarily to my biggest fans, Mom and Dad. So I thank you very much for your support.

The second reason to take the idea to fruition is the UCI code 2.1.009 which: prohibits ProTour and Professional Continental teams from competing in national level events where only UCI Continental teams of the country, regional and club teams, national teams and mixed teams may participate. They are permitted to race with three riders wearing non team clothing, however.

Ah ha, I can't wear the Cervelo TestTeam kit! Well that sounds like the perfect reason to make my dream become a reality. Namely, it was time to make the iamtedking jersey.

Therefore I worked closely with my t-shirt designer Phillip at CutawayClothing, plus Steve and Peter at Castelli both extended a great deal of time and generosity to make a jersey that shares the King of Style approved design layout of the Cervelo TestTeam. It doesn't just look good, it looks Giro-gooOOOOOOoood!

I'll be donning this jersey tomorrow at the Houstonic Hills road race in central Connecticut to bring my legs back up to speed in my first race since the Giro. It's not quite Giro-hard, but this is a New England classic with plenty of punchy hills and a few extended climbs. Plus the level of competition here is always on the rise, so I'm pumped to get back out there, even if it means that I'll have a massive target on the back of this jersey (...not literally, don't worry, it's a figurative target).

Two important things to note: Yes, after a few tweaks this kit will be available for sale. One noteworthy change will be the not so you can advertise that iamnottedking. Secondly, as always, the iamtedking line of all things awesome will donate a considerable amount of profits to the Krempels Center.

Once again thanks for all your support everyone!