Crappy Crap Crap TV

I failed once again to deliver a daily blog yesterday, so I offer my sincerest apologies. However, today's entry in ONLY IN AMERICA brings you oodles of fun thanks to some excellent extended media outlets. Cutting straight to the chase, the February 11th ONLY IN AMERICA is...Incredibly insular as well as by-in-large terrible television programs!That's right friends, like it or not, American television is pretty much abysmal. Reality television is the least expensive type of show to produce, is the least entertaining/edifying/enriching/etc. type of show on TV, and is just a brain drain... yet given how many of these new shows hit the airwaves year after year is a testament to how well these shows succeed! Add to that the fact that American news is incredibly politicized and thus ignores everything beyond our borders - with the exception of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan - and you begin to realize that American television is just plain bad. Oh, and don't even get me started on nighttime dramas. Looooordy, I despise those shows. Don't agree with me? Well then go get anybody from outside of the USA and show them a day's worth of television, thereby getting a good cross section of American programming, and ask them their opinion. I rest my case.(If you're curious, yes I do watch television, but it's generally limited to SportsCenter and good comedies like Seinfeld, the Simpsons, and Family Guy.)Thankfully there is the internet. Hulu and YouTube are the saving grace of television with both hilarious short skits and excellent collections of shows that rise above the rest like cream to the top of freshly harvested milk. (I know harvested isn't the right word, but I think you get my point.)Take the following three examples. Although I issue the following warning: THERE ARE A TON OF SWEAR WORDS IN THE LAST VIDEO. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU CRANK THIS VIDEO SUPER LOUD AT WORK. IT'S TOTALLY CRASS AND AWESOME.I offer brief commentary below after you've watched the videos. This is especially apt and hilarious since Michael Phelps was just caught smoking doobie. No wonder he scarfed 12,000 calories daily.2. Check out about once per week for tons of entertainment - both video and simple pictures. You'll laugh out loud.3. Awesome.Tomorrow bright and early we peace outta SoCal and ship up to the start of Tour of California. k'bye.

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