Now that you've read the chapter of my life where I crash and then fly injured around the world home, I know you're all just screaming out loud, "What happened next Teddy?!" Here's your chance to find out. I'm actually in the midst of finding out myself so this will likely evolve in the next few weeks. However, with every doctor's visit and each trip to the physical therapists' office, I come away with everyone saying how quickly and positively things are turning out! Yeaaaaa.

This picture is of my saddle after the crash. Saddles generally are known to be pretty durable, so you know I really did a number on it as the bike and I thrashed and tumbled through the woods.

Rehab is progressing very well. Specifically, I've been weened off my crutches so that I walk unaided and only a small aberration to my gait. I'm lifting weights with my lower body - albeit very light weights - and am stretching frequently to gain my mobility back. Thankfully my "immobility time," as I'll call it, was short short so it's not as thought I've lost terribly much in the interim. At today's PT session, I was even able to hop onto the stationary bike and spin for a while; not bad for ten days post broken knee.

Due to the fact that I've been laid up and hardly left the house for a week, news on the non-recovery front is relatively nonexistent. I did, however, venture out today to hear a political candidate speak at a town hall session right down the road in Exeter. Being from New Hampshire, I'm extraordinarily lucky to be able - invited even - to see my future president by just strolling into some local civic building where they're set to speak. Today's speaker of the day was Mitt Romney. Now don't read into my political affiliations with my attending this meeting; I was merely edifying myself so that I can participate in our democracy at a later date. I took a bunch of pictures, but they (almost) all came out terribly. I'll blame this on Robbie's idea that it would be smart to squeeze a bike ride into a period of time far too short to allow such an adventure. So Robbie arrived home around the time we should have left. As a result, we entered the building after Mitt had started speaking, and we were squeezed like sardines into the entry way of the building, rather than in a pleasant seat within sight of Mr. Romney. Whatever. This picture was the one good one out of 15, and I had to blindly put the camera in the air and point-and-shoot.

It's fall so 'tis the season to make delicious spicy desserts! Since I've hardly been exerting myself beyond rolling over in bed at night, I've been on a little bit of a diet lately. That slowed down my dessert making enterprise briefly, but I've succumbed to making desserts again... I'm just eating far less often than I normally would. My latest baking exploits include sweet potato bread (much like pumpkin bread) and pumpkin/pecan pie. Yes, the latter refers to a combination of pumpkin and pecan. It's something special. I'll leave you with a shot of the crust and crust-less versions.

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