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To Protect AND Serve

Let’s skip the preface about HOW I got in the following situation, and just accept it as is. Moreover, accept that the following is not illegal. I would have received a ticket […]

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Fit for a KING

I like puns as much as the next guy. Actually, no, I think I like them more than the next guy, so I just Googled “puns” and found the following stellar pun […]

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Snow snow, go away.

Apparently Mother Nature is some sort of comedian, because as you probably know by now, the inaugural US Cycling Open began in a zero-visibility blizzard! The snow followed me every step of […]

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I’m Not Laughing

Want to hear a cruel joke? I arrived in Rochester last Monday where the temperatures were in the upper 60s, the wind was calm, and the sky was blue. A week later, […]

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