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"What's up Ace?"

Colorado Awesoming

Some folks call it global warming while others are taking to the rosily auspicious title, global weirding. While I certainly don’t like what it’s doing to tear apart the environment, displace people […]

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My Best Uncle Eddie Impression

I’ve expanded my packing list so that when preparing for adventures of life on the road, you now need a wallet, passport, cycling shoes, and cell phone. So after having invested entirely […]

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Tips from Ted

I like to pretend I know a thing or two about this bike riding thing. I’m paid real dollars (well, Euros rather, but those are then converted to dollars) in exchange for […]

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New Hampster

Potholes? Frost heaves? Naw, New Hampshire doesn’t have potholes… …instead we have man eating craters that rival the Grand Canyon that span the middle of the everyday thoroughfares. My post-Paris-Roubaix/pre-Tour of California […]

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TUSB comes of age

Never content, Goldilocks was ultimately mauled by bears. While Voltaire could have taught Ms. ‘locks the same lesson with the sage line, Perfect is the enemy of good, no one seems to […]

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Riding in a Winter Wonderland

“Dude, you’re stealing my bandwidth!” This tech-savvy day in age, that’s the ambiguous and frequent expression when more than one person is on a wireless network. Turns out that 97.3% of cyclists […]

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SB’s version of the Geysers

A lesser man may have heeded these signs’ collective advice. However, mostly paying attention to the stenciled sign on the right, I looked down and noticed that I was not riding a […]

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The 365 Days of 2011

As a Socrates once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. By that logic, what follows here is quite the verbose essay because it would therefore be nearly a hundred thousand […]

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