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Two Hundred On One Hundred, a photo essay

I think it’s time for a timely update. Went to the doctor two days ago down in Boston for a follow-up appointment. This came 5 weeks and 4 days after the initial […]

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Scoping out Stage 2

As I say intro’ing this video, “High atop Donner Pass…” Cameron and I rode a doozie of a day today. One lap around Lake Tahoe with a tangent up to Truckee and […]

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Today’s the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Today, April 26, marks the first day of the TdK TdC TC. That’s Ted(-dy) King, Tour de California, Training Camp. In standard training camp fashion, I’m kicking off the day with an […]

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Easter Day Tour of the Seacoast

How’s that old expression go? When you’re not racing Liege Bastogne Liege, but still want to train hard and get a good smash session in and then go out to family Easter […]

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Radio Silence

Correction, internet silence, rather. Admittedly, something of a blogging hiatus occurred after my unvirginization of Paris-Roubaix last Sunday – sorry about that. Let’s sum it up by saying that Sunday wasn’t my […]

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Nerd Alert

When was the last time I talked about training? I reckon never. Or else maybe back in the original TUSB days when I was a hardened (…foolish) New Englander not yet softened […]

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