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3 Peaks SF, Doing the Undoable

Well past dusk with the clock ticking ever closer to 8pm, just before the traffic light turns green I cinch my backpack a hair tighter and clip in. The Saturday night pedestrian […]

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I ate oysters on Friday. Oysters, as seen here, not to be confused with clams which is the subject of this blog entry. Read on. Every four years we the people of […]

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I’m a firm believer it’s distance as measured both in space and especially time that provide many memories with a warm, fuzzy sheen. Memories skew towards […]

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Starting a Revolution

We at iamtedking.com hold ourselves to a near-impossibly high standard. I read books. I’ve written a bibliography or hundred in my day. The library I dream of someday having smells of rich […]

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Ice Cream Social 2.0

In some small towns, probably large towns too, people sporadically meet at the local town hall and host ice cream socials. Like a duck to water, people of any ilk naturally gravitate […]

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Beer and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

As found on Strava… What part of being on your bike pegs your endorphins the highest and makes your emotions euphoric; where you find yourself punch drunk happy to be on two […]

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BBB Gets a Naming Upgrade

Day one of the Bikes, Beers, Bros Tour took place yesterday to rave reviews. Those reviews were by me and the six other bicycle loving brethren; all six of whom woke up […]

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(Not Quite) Business As Usual

The typical off season of a professional cyclist begins in early October and runs the length of the month. Rolling our bike to the garage corner, it quietly collects dust for a […]

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