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#600NotOn100. Who’s in?

5 days, 600 miles. San Francisco to San Diego.  That’s the bait. Read all the way to the bottom and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I heard Jens Voigt mention not long […]

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Hodgepodge Rewind

I’ll tell you, it’s an odd thing to ride Guardsman Pass, go zipping in and around Park City, and use the Salt Lake City airport in early August, yet do so while […]

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Set it to Eleven

I’m no musician but I can appreciate the collective effort of each member of a symphony coming together to produce something breathtaking. Given my astute lack of musical knowhow and verbiage, I’ll […]

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“…turns out I’m a bit of a mechanic!”

I’m not just a muddy face and winning bike races in retirement, folks. Turns out I can change a flat tire too! I’m absolutely floored with the reception I’ve received for taking […]

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Playing Ketchup

Yesterday was Memorial Day, which is a day to remember those in the armed forces who died in service to our fantastic country, the USofA. Most people it seems call it The […]

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3 Peaks SF, Doing the Undoable

Well past dusk with the clock ticking ever closer to 8pm, just before the traffic light turns green I cinch my backpack a hair tighter and clip in. The Saturday night pedestrian […]

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I ate oysters on Friday. Oysters, as seen here, not to be confused with clams which is the subject of this blog entry. Read on. Every four years we the people of […]

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I’m a firm believer it’s distance as measured both in space and especially time that provide many memories with a warm, fuzzy sheen. Memories skew towards […]

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