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Pie for Breakfast. Umm, sort of…

There are two types of people in this world: pumpkin people and non-pumpkin people. I for one am a die-hard pumpkin person and would have figured that all people are pumpkin people, […]

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Welcome to the (Velo)Nation

I’ve been impressed by the work of Velonation when I stumbled upon their site sometime this year. So I was more than happy to do an interview with them a few days […]

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Just Doing My Part

The New York Yankees “NY” logo is as ubiquitous throughout Europe as it is emblematic of New York. It’s up there with the Air Jordon silhouette or McDonalds golden arches or the […]

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Dear Family, America, Home, High school friends, College friends, Neighbors, and other awesome people, Thank you! Thanks for a fun off-season back in my homeland of America. It’s been an excellent trip, […]

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To Protect AND Serve

Let’s skip the preface about HOW I got in the following situation, and just accept it as is. Moreover, accept that the following is not illegal. I would have received a ticket […]

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The Buddy Rule

Preface What follows is a lesson in English interpretation. That may sound kind of boring, but if you give me five minutes I think you’ll absorb and appreciate what I have to […]

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