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Riding in a Winter Wonderland

“Dude, you’re stealing my bandwidth!” This tech-savvy day in age, that’s the ambiguous and frequent expression when more than one person is on a wireless network. Turns out that 97.3% of cyclists […]

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Just Another Day in the Life of… My Life

And that marks the end of my Coppi e Bartali. No, thankfully not for any bad reasons. In fact, it’s for good reasons. With two stages remaining and four already in the […]

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Giro Sardinia, 1stage2go

A friend just asked if I’m getting sick of the bubbly with all of Peter Sagan’s recent bounty of wins. I assume it was a tongue in cheek question, but the answer […]

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Nerd Alert!

I actually quite enjoy avoiding writing about dorky numbers and the like when it comes to iamtedking blogging. However yesterday was one of those days that is either worth forgetting completely, or […]

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Answer: An iamtedking Rarity

Question: What is a iamtedking race report? Alex Trebec: Correct! Greetings readers! Today’s blog-entry is a two part masterpiece. The first is a race report, which is something I typically do not […]

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Snow snow, go away.

Apparently Mother Nature is some sort of comedian, because as you probably know by now, the inaugural US Cycling Open began in a zero-visibility blizzard! The snow followed me every step of […]

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