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...and a decent sunset.

¡Viva Chile Miércoles!

Today’s blog is a recipe. It happens to arrive with a very ample forward. Please read along… or if you’re hungry then skip to the end and get cookin’!   I have […]

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A Tuscan Winter

Winter in Tuscany may sound romantic, but if images of crisp starlit evenings, dainty rolling hills, or bright basking sun are painting the picture in your mind, you are thinking of the […]

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Zoom zoom

I have the lingering feeling that I just stepped out of a teleportation shuttle. This fall has cruised by in rapid fashion with stops all throughout New England – some of which […]

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Therapeutic Soup for the Cyclist’s Soul

I hear my soup bubbling away in the kitchen as I peck away at this blog here. Mom sent me a recipe for pumpkin soup the other day. With that idea stewing […]

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Gotta Get PAAAAID! …I mean Get Fed.

Twitter: 140 characters or less or comments, jokes, observations, poetry, (for the cyclists among us) race results, news, links, diatribes, and questions. No doubt a lot of other mumbo jumbo thrown into […]

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The Latest Gallup Poll

With the score currently 23 to 7, the pumpkin people are easily wiping the floor clean to the non-pumpkin people. I wouldn’t have expected such a mighty showing by the beta-carotene rich […]

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Pie for Breakfast. Umm, sort of…

There are two types of people in this world: pumpkin people and non-pumpkin people. I for one am a die-hard pumpkin person and would have figured that all people are pumpkin people, […]

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