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Ding ding ding! Round Two

Because the last entry on this here website, which looked at the ten years of the Tour of California and my ten years at the Tour of California (with two absentee ballots […]

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If you’re like most cycling fans, you probably watched a bike race today. It probably took place in France and ran from roughly Paris to roughly Roubaix — although curiously, not exactly […]

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Done and Dusted

Quite literally. Be either really excited or completely confused, faithful readers, because this is one of those once annual iamtedking race reports. Easter Sunday 2012 marked my second Paris-Roubaix. The first time […]

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Happy Mothers’ Day!

Yesterday was Mothers’ Day and in honor of Mom, I was trying to get my handsome grill some media coverage – either TV or some snapshots will do fine. Unfortunately, when some […]

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