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Off to the Races

Ahh the dubious distinction of the Girona airport: flights exclusively offered by RyanAir. Said airline seems to take pride in how uncomfortably they can transfer passengers to and fro. From the abruptly […]

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Dear Family, America, Home, High school friends, College friends, Neighbors, and other awesome people, Thank you! Thanks for a fun off-season back in my homeland of America. It’s been an excellent trip, […]

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To Protect AND Serve

Let’s skip the preface about HOW I got in the following situation, and just accept it as is. Moreover, accept that the following is not illegal. I would have received a ticket […]

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The Buddy Rule

Preface What follows is a lesson in English interpretation. That may sound kind of boring, but if you give me five minutes I think you’ll absorb and appreciate what I have to […]

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Tea and Strumpets with Mary Swanson

I rather enjoyed my LAST entry where I started with a photo completely unrelated to anything in this particular blog. Today’s edition pays tribute to the Christmas of 2007 where I made […]

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Slightly to the South of Nowhere

Being back in Rochester made for some sweet recovery from Tour of Georgia. Truth be told, I wasn’t nearly as worn out after GA as I usually am after a tough 7 […]

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