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San Juan Hut Trip — Rainpants and A Mixed Bag of M&Ms. Days 1 and 2

Hmm, what else, what else… be sure to bring iodine tablets, a spare derailleur hanger, you’ll probably want a pair of flipflops, oh and don’t forget rainpants. Rainpants? I don’t own rainpants, […]

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Sunny, rain, cold, or overcast, this view is always a stunner.

How do you take your Stone Fruit

I was asked once in a speed date setting what the optimal super power would be. I chose teleportation because I spend so much time traveling I get tired of removing my […]

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I need to decompress

If I’m not mistaken, today is Tuesday May 19. I’m basking in the cool, morning southern California sun as I type this a few minutes before 7:30am. It feels like something of […]

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More thumbs up. See the dinosaur in the background?

Tour of San Luis: everything else

Here’s the other part of Tour of San Luis. That is, the part that involves a camera and very little about the dynamics of bike racing. Or very little racing news, anyway. […]

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Seasons Greetings

Lots has transpired in the festive month of December and given the season’s fondness for wrapping paper, let’s do an iamtedking December wrap-up of the highlights of the still-young month. Thanksgiving was […]

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Who’s Hungry?

For those of you curious on the matter, I encourage you to avoid planning on going anywhere via car in downtown Dubai the day the Tour of Dubai’s prologue comes to town. […]

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Starbucks trumps round doughnuts with their square d'nuts!

The Tour of Dubai’s Prologue’s Prologue

I’m just going to assume that you’ve never been to Dubai. Prior to my arrival 21 hours ago, I’d never met anyone who’s been to Dubai, I’d never been to Dubai myself, […]

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"What's up Ace?"

Colorado Awesoming

Some folks call it global warming while others are taking to the rosily auspicious title, global weirding. While I certainly don’t like what it’s doing to tear apart the environment, displace people […]

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