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Fifteen Years

Today is March 23, which in our family is a day that lives in infamy. It’s been fifteen years to the day that my dad, my namesake, the other Ted King in […]

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A Different King Challenge

I brushed my teeth today! (Okay, I brush my teeth every day. Twice most days, sometimes thrice when I’m riding 200 miles at a go and eating lots of sugar. Tim Johnson […]

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This is not a sob story, I swear

If you’ve spent much time in the emergency room, you’re familiar with the 1-10 pain scale. At this exact moment of bloggage, I’m hanging out in the 4’ish range and thanks thanks […]

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Good grief, where has time gone? The last post was about the upcoming King Challenge, rolling out October 15, which does take up a lot of my time planning, but far from […]

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  It’s one month to the day til the King Challenge is here, I’ve whipped up this poem, just call me Ted Shakespeare. The year 2016 is our sixth annual event. To […]

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Let’s Ride Bikes

It will be the fifth of September, the year twenty sixteen, I’m back visiting New England, it’s so lush and so green! Labor Day is nearly here thereby signalling summer’s unofficial end, […]

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Repost on this Special March 23

I wrote something similar to what you’ll find below on August 18, 2011. You see, today, March 23, is a day that lives in infamy in the King family. That was the […]

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4:30pm Dinners are My New Jam

I’m often asked how it feels to be retired. For full disclosure, cycling contracts run the calendar year, January 1 — December 31, so I’m technically still employed as a professional cyclist […]

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