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The 365 Days of 2011

As a Socrates once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. By that logic, what follows here is quite the verbose essay because it would therefore be nearly a hundred thousand […]

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One Layer at a Time

Ahh, the good old days. Come 3:30pm Monday through Friday, I would often return home from elementary school hankerin’ for an afternoon treat. Handi-Snacks! Lunchables! And best yet, who remembers 1-2-3-Jello?! This […]

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A River Runs Through It

Oh wait, no. That should read, A Race Goes By It. And by It I am referring to my house. As you can see here, a certain noteworthy bike race will come […]

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(iamTed)KING of Style Strikes Again!

The number of comments in my last KoS blog dwarfed anything I’ve ever written before. Every single comment except one was positive, so I recognize that this topic of style is one […]

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Well that’s sad. When I added a new lesson to the previous post, I lost all my comments. I had an all-time high with 18 comments overnight – all of them in […]

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