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As you can guess, this has to do with stuff in Italy.

Ciao e benvenuti a Joao’s Fat Man Tours!

Joao is a friend and former teammate of mine on Bissell, then two years later alongside me at the Cervelo Test Team. I’ve been practicing my trans-Atlantic jet setting, so in the […]

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Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow Nor the Italians…

Backtrack a bit, I have a very kind friend who offered to send something very special to me in Italy. It’s something that’s next to impossible to get in Mediterranean Italia, it […]

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Just Another Day in the Life of… My Life

And that marks the end of my Coppi e Bartali. No, thankfully not for any bad reasons. In fact, it’s for good reasons. With two stages remaining and four already in the […]

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3 Inches of Growth

…before you get too excited, I’m referring to my tomatoes. Keep reading for the juicy details. Pretty excellent developments across the board on all fronts, for that matter, so let’s jump straight […]

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A River Runs Through It

Oh wait, no. That should read, A Race Goes By It. And by It I am referring to my house. As you can see here, a certain noteworthy bike race will come […]

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Therapeutic Soup for the Cyclist’s Soul

I hear my soup bubbling away in the kitchen as I peck away at this blog here. Mom sent me a recipe for pumpkin soup the other day. With that idea stewing […]

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Shedding some light

Oh yeah, now this is IT! Racing bikes is fun, but taking the day off to rest the ol’ knee, taking in the sights and sounds of all the action that goes […]

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Giro Sardinia, 1stage2go

A friend just asked if I’m getting sick of the bubbly with all of Peter Sagan’s recent bounty of wins. I assume it was a tongue in cheek question, but the answer […]

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