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This is not a sob story, I swear

If you’ve spent much time in the emergency room, you’re familiar with the 1-10 pain scale. At this exact moment of bloggage, I’m hanging out in the 4’ish range and thanks thanks […]

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Hodgepodge Rewind

I’ll tell you, it’s an odd thing to ride Guardsman Pass, go zipping in and around Park City, and use the Salt Lake City airport in early August, yet do so while […]

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The Restorative Power of…

Yuup, the restorative power of lobster! With it’s generous helping of bone healing protein, as well as vital minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium, plus plenty of invigorating vitamins, it pretty much […]

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HOPE Springs Eternal

I just had a shot of maple syrup. Needless to say, things are looking up. Ahh yes, and Peter took a strong hold on the green jersey with his second consecutive second […]

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KKotRC VIP Timmy Duggan, yours truly, and Dad talk about how awesome the Krempels King of the Road Challenge just was

3,287 days. But who’s counting.

Yesterday, 3/23/2012 was E3-Harelbeke, a WorldTour pro ass bike race (to use NYVelocity vernacular). This rapidly raced bicycle lap around Belgium kicks off the biggest of the northern Belgian Classics thereby planting […]

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The 365 Days of 2011

As a Socrates once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. By that logic, what follows here is quite the verbose essay because it would therefore be nearly a hundred thousand […]

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Occupying time and staying busy is never really an issue for me in the off season. I think my tendencies lean towards ADD as I tackle as many things as possible in […]

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One Embarrassing Pedal Stroke at a Time

And a good day to you too! I have graduated from doing virtually nothing for a few days to now dropping myself into a recumbent stationary bike. I can’t yet bear weight […]

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