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A Day in the Life

In a recent column I scribed over at Velonews, I discussed being able to take a moment and reflect on how uniquely beautiful New England is, especially during the vibrantly colorful fall […]

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I really can’t tell you how nice it is to be home. Despite what some of you may think about professional cyclists and our propensity to be an unproductive bunch, my to-do […]

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It All Comes Full Circle

It starts on a golf course and apparently ends on a golf course. The 2010 season, that is. Early January this year saw me arrive at a cool, windy, and wet golf […]

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FOR SALE – iamtedking shirts

Big thanks to the fellas over at Cutaway Clothing for creating these shirts, and to Jason Schweitzer of Creative Outlet Advertising for producing the iconic iamtedking logo. To get yours, either click […]

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(iamTed)KING of Style Strikes Again!

The number of comments in my last KoS blog dwarfed anything I’ve ever written before. Every single comment except one was positive, so I recognize that this topic of style is one […]

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Well that’s sad. When I added a new lesson to the previous post, I lost all my comments. I had an all-time high with 18 comments overnight – all of them in […]

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Yes He Is…

I am Ted King. You are not Ted King. Actually, there are other Ted Kings out there, so I guess that last sentence stands a chance at being incorrect, but in all […]

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