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“Ice Cold!”

And now, a quiz. Question 1: What’s cooler than being cool? Answer: Ice Cold. Question 2: What’s cooler than riding bikes in Vermont in June? Answer: Absolutely nothing. In an action packed […]

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July 2014 in New England

A photo gallery of my late July in NH, VT, ME, and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Slowly Saving the World

ebay. Those folks savvy with the internet are saying that someday ebay will be the go-to place for online auctions. Obviously this marks a very exciting time for the internet. I’m going […]

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Stage 4 WINNING. The USAProC’C’ Highlights continue

Today was a pretty spectacular day across the board, so dang, where to even begin? A stunning VICTORY is always a highlight, so let’s just start there. Elia Viviani, in all of […]

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Scoping out Stage 2

As I say intro’ing this video, “High atop Donner Pass…” Cameron and I rode a doozie of a day today. One lap around Lake Tahoe with a tangent up to Truckee and […]

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362-365 days into 2010

I’ve been to a handful of high places lately. San Pellegrino Pass(o) comes to mind, then a trans-Atlantic flight brings you to high altitudes. Pawtuckaway isn’t the Rockies, but it’s pleasantly high, […]

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Merry December 26th!

There’s a blizzard a ragin’ outside right now! …Just not outside of my house. We’re apparently slated for a pretty wicked Nor’Easter with up to 2 feet of snow expected. I went […]

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The Latest Gallup Poll

With the score currently 23 to 7, the pumpkin people are easily wiping the floor clean to the non-pumpkin people. I wouldn’t have expected such a mighty showing by the beta-carotene rich […]

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