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Fit for a KING

I like puns as much as the next guy. Actually, no, I think I like them more than the next guy, so I just Googled “puns” and found the following stellar pun […]

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Food and Beach. Short and Sweet.

I’ve been here in Girona for nearly two weeks now and I’m in love with it! Well, err… okay okay, it’s probably still just infatuation and not TRUE love, but in any […]

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Answer: An iamtedking Rarity

Question: What is a iamtedking race report? Alex Trebec: Correct! Greetings readers! Today’s blog-entry is a two part masterpiece. The first is a race report, which is something I typically do not […]

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Tea and Strumpets with Mary Swanson

I rather enjoyed my LAST entry where I started with a photo completely unrelated to anything in this particular blog. Today’s edition pays tribute to the Christmas of 2007 where I made […]

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Slightly to the South of Nowhere

Being back in Rochester made for some sweet recovery from Tour of Georgia. Truth be told, I wasn’t nearly as worn out after GA as I usually am after a tough 7 […]

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