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Fuel the Fire

Eat, ride, sleep, repeat. Or so they say. No one ever asks me how much I sleep. I do, however, receive a nearly equal smattering of questions regarding how much do I […]

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A Red, White, and Blue Breakfast

Ask any American cyclist what they miss most about living in Europe and you’ll hear the echoing repitition. Nearly always jumping around the subject of food, without fail the list will include […]

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Argentina: the saga continues

It was merely a matter of time before the ferocious Argentine temperatures got the better of my overall well-being and something had to be done. That is to say, despite being on […]

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The 365 Days of 2011

As a Socrates once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. By that logic, what follows here is quite the verbose essay because it would therefore be nearly a hundred thousand […]

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My new favorite commercial

Well worth suffering through the grainy poor image quality to see this piece of rich cycling history. Makes me want to snap into a Crunch Wrap Supreme to celebrate.

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Jaw Dropping Efficiency

Hark… Snow! I mentioned yesterday that it snowed here in Sardinia on our fourth to final training ride. I did not put enough emphasis into the fact that the snow was preceded […]

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Tuscan Food and Drink

Who’s been to the grocery store lately and seen those distinctively orange looking tomatoes in the fruit section? Please allow me to offer some advice: it’s time to get out from under […]

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Zoom zoom

I have the lingering feeling that I just stepped out of a teleportation shuttle. This fall has cruised by in rapid fashion with stops all throughout New England – some of which […]

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