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Radio Silence

Correction, internet silence, rather. Admittedly, something of a blogging hiatus occurred after my unvirginization of Paris-Roubaix last Sunday – sorry about that. Let’s sum it up by saying that Sunday wasn’t my […]

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Last Few Hours

(Sniff sniff sniff) Smell that? The rich, earthy goodness of springtime in Belgium hangs in the air. A recent, brief deluge just two days ago is a stark contrast to the sunny […]

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Therapeutic Soup for the Cyclist’s Soul

I hear my soup bubbling away in the kitchen as I peck away at this blog here. Mom sent me a recipe for pumpkin soup the other day. With that idea stewing […]

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While I was in the midst of receiving a “higher education” (aka college), Middlebury’s administrators were dishing flak towards Wikipedia for not being a proper source from which students could cite because… […]

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Holy Cannoli

First race of the year is hours away and the typical Italian race fare last night was laid out in front of us. Race food is race food and by in large […]

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