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Make Good Decisions

The bike in the foreground does not have a kickstand, unfortunately. But it is a Cannondale and is a mighty fast steed, once raced in the ProTour, in fact, so we’ll let […]

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Applying the Stoke to Cycling Since 2006

In the strange stratosphere in which cyclists dwell, it’s critical to focus on the macro. The 30,000 foot life view leaves one paying strict attention to how he or she is eating, […]

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Always look up (Stratham, NH)

4:30pm Dinners are My New Jam

I’m often asked how it feels to be retired. For full disclosure, cycling contracts run the calendar year, January 1 — December 31, so I’m technically still employed as a professional cyclist […]

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Not That I Recommend Everyone Retires Immediately, But…

Cycling is a sport based on rote repetition. Pedal stroke after pedal stroke, hour after hour, day after day, year after year, a career in the sport of cycling isn’t a mistake […]

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Ketchup Effect

I learned that term today from my Norwegian teammate, Kristoffer Skjerping. Another teammate of ours here at Tour of Alberta, Tom Jelte Slagter, is experiencing the Ketchup Effect right now with two […]

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alberta 3

Tour of Alberta

Stage 3: A win. Best Canadian rider. Points jersey. Most Aggressive rider. Good stuff boys, good stuff.   It did take a bit of mental fortitude to make it the 183km from […]

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Former teammate Guillaume Boivin swooped down from Canada and joined us the whole way.

A Brief History of Everything (that’s at least mildly important)

239 years ago yesterday was the Fourth of July, the birthday of our fair nation in the year 1776. From that original 4th of July in 1776, 238 years and 363 days […]

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“Ice Cold!”

And now, a quiz. Question 1: What’s cooler than being cool? Answer: Ice Cold. Question 2: What’s cooler than riding bikes in Vermont in June? Answer: Absolutely nothing. In an action packed […]

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