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Have you ever had the scintillating luxury of trying Sriracha peas? They’re a bit like wasabi peas, but coated in spicy Sriracha. As you’d guess they’re shades of red rather than shades of […]

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I’m back baby

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. So I’m told, anywho. By that logic, one would assume that a greater distance makes for greater fondness. Conveniently Dirty Kanza is billed as 200 miles, but […]

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#600NotOn100. Who’s in?

5 days, 600 miles. San Francisco to San Diego.  That’s the bait. Read all the way to the bottom and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I heard Jens Voigt mention not long […]

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San Juan Hut Trip — At last, we’re not at risk of flooding. Days 4 & 5

Although now three days in and thoroughly waterlogged, looking on the bright side we haven’t had a single bear attack nor been charged by a cow. (Note: there is real deal cattle […]

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Set it to Eleven

I’m no musician but I can appreciate the collective effort of each member of a symphony coming together to produce something breathtaking. Given my astute lack of musical knowhow and verbiage, I’ll […]

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Aaaaand scene!

The “scene” being an old iron bridge somewhere in the heart of Kansas. Funny, Dirty Kanza was one week ago. In fact, as I write this, I think it was exactly one […]

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“…turns out I’m a bit of a mechanic!”

I’m not just a muddy face and winning bike races in retirement, folks. Turns out I can change a flat tire too! I’m absolutely floored with the reception I’ve received for taking […]

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Toto, We’re in Kansas Again

I grew up playing a lot of hockey. From the time I could stand my parents had me on skates. I played through high school and still secretly wish I was a […]

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