They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While I don’t know who they is, hopefully I have already and can moving forward compile something in the order of a few million words worth of photography, based on that assumption that 1 picture = 1000 words. Every single day is an adventure here in TeddyLand, so be sure to check in periodically and see what I’ve been up to of late.

  • IMG_3078_1024
    10 Long Years
  • Power to the pedals!
  • More team bonding.
    Mallorca Training Camp, February, 2015.
  • More thumbs up. See the dinosaur in the background?
    Tour of San Luis: everything else
  • kkotrc5
    2014 KKotRC Photo Essay
  • USA Pro Challenge
    North America bike racin’
    July 2014 in New England
  • IMG_2789
    The (Previous Three) Week(s) In Photos