They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While I don’t know who they is, hopefully in the coming days, weeks, months, and years I can produce something in the order of a few million words worth of photography, based on the assumption 1picture = 1000words. Be sure to check in periodically and see what I’ve updated, where I’ve been, and what kind of adventures I’ve been up to of late.

  • 3peaksSF
    3 Peaks SF, Doing the Undoable
  • Sunny, rain, cold, or overcast, this view is always a stunner.
    How do you take your Stone Fruit
  • kkotrc1
    Krempels King of the Road Challenge
  • kkotrc5
    2014 KKotRC Photo Essay
  • vail tt
    Morning Announcements
  • More 7-Eleven treats.
    Tour of Taiwan, a photo montage
  • IMG_2365
    Taiwan in Hindsight
  • IMG_2174
    Who’s Hungry?