Ice Cream Social 2.0

In some small towns, probably large towns too, people sporadically meet at the local town hall and host ice cream socials. Like a duck to water, people of any ilk naturally gravitate […]

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Good Grades = Skipping School + Riding Bikes

Ready.   Set.   Go(ne). Gone bike riding. We gathered a crew this morning for Asheville’s first edition of the #TKAtoZ Tour. Waking up to a brisk 18 degrees in Asheville, I […]

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Doughnuts make the world go ’round

After settling into town on Sunday evening, rekindling hellos with some very good friends from my time living in Asheville, I made plans to ride with Brent Bookwalter on Monday. Brent and […]

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The Saga Continues

Ride number two of #TKAtoZ Tour coincided with stop number one. I nearly Strava’d the thing, but I think that would raise some angry flags if I banged out a 500 mile […]

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Brisk in New Hampshire in December

Jimmy Was Not A Cyclist

If you like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain… T’was approximately happy hour on December 31 at the King household and everyone was busily scurrying around like a bunch of crazies […]

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An Open Letter and Open Invitation

Dear all, Many, seemingly most, of my conversations over the past few months have included being asked what it’s like to be retired. Being defined as a professional cyclist for the past […]

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Bikes Looks Funny in Wrapping Paper

With the glaring exception of Hanukkah, what’s the next national holiday that comes after Black Friday?* Christmas Eve, of course! (Hours of in depth research goes into every post. Over the […]

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A holiday poem (and open invitation)

T’was the day before Christmas, the year two thousand one-five, Exeter’s forecast is in the sixties — a jolly day to be alive. I propose a bike ride. Meet at four Portsmouth […]

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