Bikes Looks Funny in Wrapping Paper

With the glaring exception of Hanukkah, what’s the next national holiday that comes after Black Friday?* Christmas Eve, of course! (Hours of in depth research goes into every post. Over the […]

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A holiday poem (and open invitation)

T’was the day before Christmas, the year two thousand one-five, Exeter’s forecast is in the sixties — a jolly day to be alive. I propose a bike ride. Meet at four Portsmouth […]

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Go West Young Man

Expansion to the wild western United States was taking hold in the mid-1800s. Lest we forget, “Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, […]

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Beer and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

As found on Strava… What part of being on your bike pegs your endorphins the highest and makes your emotions euphoric; where you find yourself punch drunk happy to be on two […]

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BBB Gets a Naming Upgrade

Day one of the Bikes, Beers, Bros Tour took place yesterday to rave reviews. Those reviews were by me and the six other bicycle loving brethren; all six of whom woke up […]

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Always look up (Stratham, NH)

4:30pm Dinners are My New Jam

I’m often asked how it feels to be retired. For full disclosure, cycling contracts run the calendar year, January 1 — December 31, so I’m technically still employed as a professional cyclist […]

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Fireside Chat

Toss on your smoking jacket and tweed as we first party then sit down for an intimate conversation with… ME! Allow myself to repeat the obvious: I’m retiring. But after tackling the […]

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Just 359 days to go

I got my first digital camera on my birthday in late January 2002. I did a good job of taking pictures before that but not keeping them, because keeping pictures in those […]

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