What up Llo?

Keeping in tune to yesterday’s map conversation, I found it at least mildly impressive that I rode through the towns of Ger, All, Das, Alp, Urtx, Via, Llo, and capped it off […]

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Long ride 6/20 -- Purty and still snowy up here.

Map Dorks Unite!

A person who makes maps is called a cartographer. I read Ken Jenning’s Maphead and he says that people who love maps are mapheads. He had a series of other names, but […]

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Zipped into France and found this at the grocery store. Normally absurdly expensive. This 100% maple syrup was less than 5 euro. Score!

La Molina – June

Quick photo journal from Pyrenees training. T’is beautiful up here.

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The dumptruck full of awesome is headed to France! I’m not sure how well you read Italian, but ayuuup, it’s official. (And just for further clarity to all you English speakers, you […]

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Swiss Altitude Camp - 1

Today is Friday. Fact.

Well, hrmmm. Geezum crow… not much to say. I’m fishing for words here, but am coming up short. Not much to say. Stage seven of the Tour de Suisse was a toughie, […]

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A Day Late, but Not a Buck Short. (Cause that doesn’t make any sense.)

A lot has happened in the past day, which helps explain why I didn’t do a race report yesterday. My sincerest apologies. Amid all the bad news in the world, here’s a […]

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If the internet works, this will upload

My day today was about fifty eight times better than yesterday, as registered on the iamtedking Arbitrary Scale of Excellence. At the start line I talked with a half dozen other people […]

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Tour de Suisse

Today was painful in more ways than one. For starters, we began the race by ripping directly up a 10km climb. Thankfully I remembered that we did this same climb in the […]

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