Y, Somme, Picarddie, France sign

Sunshine Ahead!

Today’s installment of all things will exclusively look to the good in things. We’ll subtitle it, the Power of Positive Thinking. Let’s see, for one, I didn’t crash. Not that crashing […]

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Hot Diggidy Dog! But in the cold and wet meaning of the term.

I can’t help but think of this after a day like today: Ooh man. Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man, so this is what we had in store […]

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Up Down Up Down Up Down… repeat

Ahh, cycling. A sport of highs and lows. Remaining sane is all about riding the waves and therefore not getting too cocky while you’re surfing the top, nor sinking into depression when […]

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A Rousing Game of Musical-Vehicular Chairs, TdF edition

To those inquisitive folks reading along, scratching your head thinking, “Hey wait a tic… how does the Tour start in England and then migrate to continental Europe (i.e. France) without a rest […]

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Catching Up to Speed

You know what’s great about England? Here’s a quick list: One, they have proper big mugs of coffee. That makes me happy round about coffee o’clock. Two, British town names are hysterical; […]

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And ode to Joe

Moooooo, says the cow.   For a few moments of comic relief, I invite you to scope out the entertaining results when you Google the phrase “Maple Syrup in Spain”. Such gems […]

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Keeping Tabs

There you are cleaning your inbox and and you breathe a sigh of relief to see your total emails tick down towards zero. Delete, delete, delete. Super! Whereupon the next day while […]

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Up to My Eyes

Yes, my friends, up to my eyes! That’s how I categorize my arbitrarily busy’ness since, umm, since about early April. I love being busy so don’t get my wrong and think I’m […]

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