So, like, this is really a thing

Ahoy Sailors! #600NotOn100, Version 1.0 hasn’t even left the port and it’s already taken a slight detour. But fret not, friends, it’ll still be 600 miles long and it’s only gone on to […]

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#600NotOn100. Who’s in?

5 days, 600 miles. San Francisco to San Diego.  That’s the bait. Read all the way to the bottom and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I heard Jens Voigt mention not long […]

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A Different King Challenge

I brushed my teeth today! (Okay, I brush my teeth every day. Twice most days, sometimes thrice when I’m riding 200 miles at a go and eating lots of sugar. Tim Johnson […]

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This is not a sob story, I swear

If you’ve spent much time in the emergency room, you’re familiar with the 1-10 pain scale. At this exact moment of bloggage, I’m hanging out in the 4’ish range and thanks thanks […]

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Good grief, where has time gone? The last post was about the upcoming King Challenge, rolling out October 15, which does take up a lot of my time planning, but far from […]

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  It’s one month to the day til the King Challenge is here, I’ve whipped up this poem, just call me Ted Shakespeare. The year 2016 is our sixth annual event. To […]

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Make Good Decisions

The bike in the foreground does not have a kickstand, unfortunately. But it is a Cannondale and is a mighty fast steed, once raced in the ProTour, in fact, so we’ll let […]

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Last night was the second to last Exeter Cycles Wednesday night ride of the year and I’m told whenever I show up, the pace ticks even faster. I’ve never been there to […]

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