Stuffing Turkey Week

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s Thanksgiving in a nutshell. Actually, that’s my Thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pie in a pie sell. Although, the only sugar I used in my pie was […]

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And the Why

I rode my bike last week (just shy of) 600 miles from San Francisco to San Diego. Okay okay, yes for those of you paying close attention, I forewent the final push […]

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That’ll Do

All done. Race Report 5.0. There he is ladies and gents, Mr. Jack Nosco.

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Days 3 and 4

Another one, San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara, and another one, Santa Barbara to Calabasas! Lots of wind, thankfully mostly from the tail, nary any rain, but lots of America’s produce basket drawer of lettuce […]

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Report Cards

Race reports were a thing in my life once. I wouldn’t write them often but they were well received in those instances that I did. Nowadays I ride lots, race far less, […]

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So, like, this is really a thing

Ahoy Sailors! #600NotOn100, Version 1.0 hasn’t even left the port and it’s already taken a slight detour. But fret not, friends, it’ll still be 600 miles long and it’s only gone on to […]

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#600NotOn100. Who’s in?

5 days, 600 miles. San Francisco to San Diego.  That’s the bait. Read all the way to the bottom and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I heard Jens Voigt mention not long […]

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A Different King Challenge

I brushed my teeth today! (Okay, I brush my teeth every day. Twice most days, sometimes thrice when I’m riding 200 miles at a go and eating lots of sugar. Tim Johnson […]

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