The Groad to Kanza: The Atypical Approach to DK200

Hey all, welcome to! This is called a “blog” and blogging is something I did once upon a time, but long enough ago that you may have forgotten about this. I’ve clearly fallen short in my blogging duties of late, but this is me getting back on the bandwagon. And no better rhyme or reason than for Dirty Kanza 200!

With 200 miles awaiting just days away, I’m happy to say that the race prep goes well — albeit the atypical approach. It involves tasty IPA and Vermont’s finest cheeses. It involves hard riding, easy ride, ample tapering, and much more specific riding where quality is taken over quantity. That’s also thanks to Vermont’s record setting snowfall this year and a spring that’s only recently decided to sprung.

There are two recent interviews that I think help explain this year’s approach.

CX Magazine¬†and VeloNews. Definitely check’m out.

My preparation over the past few months has looked like this…

Winter Riding:

Racing Bikes (few and far between):

Doing Vermont things:

And doing heartfelt family things:

And if you want to see the full season in four episodes, I present the Groad to Kanza.


  1. CheeseFart

    Do you even lift bro?

  2. Scott Durkee

    I thought something was wrong with my feed. Welcome back!

  3. Geoff Doyle

    King of the Ride suggestion? Jay Petervary???


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