T-Minus 18 hours til blast off, 206 miles on the near horizon

Riding bikes is easy when it’s warm and sunny. Other days, less so.

Bike: ready.
Clothes: check.
Nutrition: on point.
Training: done and done.

So what’s left…

Day 5 of #6DaysofKanza is dedicated to pushing through. Having the perseverance and the drive to keep on trucking, because somewhere north of hour 8, despite the baking sun and heat of the day, things can start to go dark. From mile 170 on, you really start to question your sanity and why you’re doing exactly what you’re doing. And that’s the point! A race like #DK200 is transformative. It’ll push you to places you never knew you could go and leaves you a better person on the other side.

It’s a long and lonely road out there; “Keep on… keep truckin.” Will Ferrell, Old School // photos 1&3: Milliman

I also recorded episode number two of King of the Ride podcast! Please give that a listen, it’s here on iTunes and here on Stitcher.

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