#6DaysofKanza: Team

June 2 has arrived, it’s Dirty Kanza race day. The final of the #6DaysofKanza countdown and today’s doesn’t roll off the start line without an incredible TEAM.

Teamwork, like having teammates out on their bike with you? (eye roll). Nay friends. Gravel racing — and Dirty Kanza in particular — draw together so many people in the most welcoming, social format of cycling out there. It’s hospitable, it’s community, and it’s the dose of excitement and camaraderie the sport needs. I try not to need much in this world, but I need this crew — along with the countless others of whom I absentmindedly didn’t snap a photo — for a successful day today. No matter how DK does beginning at 6am this morning, this is my team and they’re the best in the biz!

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