#6DaysofKanza: the RIDE (training to the layman)

Good morning on day 3 of the #6DaysofKanza — today’s entry: the RIDE.


I don’t train, per se. I gave up on that in about September of 2015 around the time I retired from bike racing. (Sure, the irony is startling since this entire series is about getting ready for a race in Dirty Kanza.) So for the past two and a half years, I just ride. I ride a lot, I ride often,  and I love to ride. I remember thinking that in retirement I would give up on rainy rides and riding in crazy conditions, but there I was on my first ride in gross conditions thinking, “I don’t have to be here. I want to be here!” So here is a very small smattering of the rides I’ve been lucky enough to be part of just since we flipped the calendar into 2018: New Years day rides, dawn patrol rides, Ride&Pint rides, fat bike rides, bakery rides, #rideswithbae, rides with bros, group rides, solo rides, social rides, dude rides, hammer rides, inGamba rides, The Coast Ride, Grashoppers of all kinds, Belgian Waffle Ride, Fish Rock, Chefs Cycle, CampoVelo, (more dawn patrol rides), riding the Sierras, riding the coast, riding Truckee, ski day rides, Capay Poulet rides, and dozens more. I really can’t thank you all for somehow, directly or indirectly, being part of it.

(And if that’s not exciting enough news for you, you can check out my podcast, King of the Ride, on iTunes here or Stitcher here.)

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