#6DaysofKanza: nutrition

“I got a pocket full of maple and my homeboys do too!”

Day 4 of the #6DaysofKanza and we’ve arrived at nutrition. The cornerstone of Saturday’s ride will be staying hydrated and well fueled in the 90° heat and UnTapped Mapleaid provides that critical foundation. Light with fresh bold tastes, these will be in my bottles. Easy to digest, ingest, and enjoy calories come from maple and coffee maple packets, while coffee, raspberry, and maple waffles round out the menu for a little more substance, but still delicious and easy to take onboard while riding. This is not to say that these are the only thing I’ll be eating on the bike — I’ve been known to scarf pizza and pickles late into the game — but suffice it to say these are 90%+ of my day’s calories. 👨🏼‍🍳


  1. Martin

    Hi Ted. You need to add maple syrup hard candy to the untapped portfolio. its a staple on my rides. less messy and nice and long effect
    You’re welcome 😉


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