#6DaysofKanza: clothes

Welcome to day two in the #6DaysOfKanza. What touches your skin for ten-plus hours is critically important. With temperatures threatening to be in the triple digits in Emporia, KS, staying cool is a tall task.

I’ll be rocking Velocio’s new impossibly thin Radiator jersey and silky soft Ultralight bib shorts — Velocio socks and gloves round out the look. POCs’ Ventral helmet is the only lid I’ve been wearing since I first got it this spring. It’s aero and breaths like the grill of a car. Their Aspire glasses are my shades of choice in full windshield fashion. And for a little extra style and flair, I’ve got a SRAM’s neckerchief to keep dust outta my mouth. There’s a lot of sunscreen out there and there’s a lot of crappy sunscreen out there. Endurance Shield is truly amazing stuff. It works well, it doesn’t leave a greasy mess, and smells great (not like a $2 piña colada). Nearly race day, stay cool out there y’all!

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