Haute Route in the Rearview. Phew.

Oh Haute Route, how I know not how to describe thee…

Even in retrospect, it’s incredibly hard to full grasp what Hot Route full entails. But suffice it to say that it’s wicked frigging hard, which are three words the French don’t know. So if you want the full fledged report as it went play by play, here’s how it went down in five easy installments.

One. Pre-ride

Two. Already going full full gas. A maneta!

Three. Dang Big Mountains.

Four. The comeback kid.

Five. Bike Club.

I rode the brand spankin’ new Cannondale Synapse which was dreamy the entire 7 days, 36 hours, 570 miles, and 60,000 feet of climbing. Zipp 454 wheels were equally up to spec and thank goodness I had SRAM eTap HRD because descending 10%+ grades into switchback after switchback is a touch on the gnarly side.

We’re exhausted, we had a blast, and are perfectly happy calling it complete!

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