#200on100 is BACK

My New England cohort, Tim Johnson and I have long had similar but totally incongruent schedules. So it’s once in a rare blue moon that they align to give us something awesome like the 200 On 100. Better yet, Tim is turning 40 this Saturday so he and I are going for a big bike riding to bring in his birthday. After taking a 2016 hiatus, we’re back for our fifth (sixth? seventh?) edition of the 200 On 100.

Having ridden north to south, from Canada to Massachusetts twice, and having pedaled from Burlington, VT to Portland, ME and having done a 300 Not On 100 from NH to Maine and back, the plan is to do a throwback with a twist. So we’re doing an actual 200(miles) on (Route)100, but from the Massachusetts/VT border to the Canadian/VT border, south to north.

Or, more specifically, this:

There are many headaches worth of logistics to cover and one heck of a lot of miles. You can generally assume we’re going about 20mph. So departing at 6am and following along on Twitter or Instagram, I think you can guess where we’ll be pretty accurately. If you find yourself along the route, we’d love to have some company and Tim wants a birthday high five. We’re up to a dozen or so friends who want to join the roving two-wheeled party and hope you can make it too.

It is a drop ride. You ride at your own risk as we move quickly and are on public roads. The weather looks good so we’re nearly read to roll.


  1. Noel

    Happy Birthday, Tim! I’d love to be there to give ya a high five, but my separate clavical is only healed up to 3/4 fives so far.
    Have a great ride!

  2. Becky B

    I will send virtual high-fives and virtual birthday cookies for Tim.

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