Pre-TCR Race Report

I moved to California exactly one year ago today. The #TKAtoZ tour took me from New Hampshire to CX Nationals in Asheville to hanging with homies in Boulder for a day to skiing a day in Tahoe, directly to the Bay Area where I got to town at 8pm on Friday evening and started the Coast Ride the next day.

What is the Coast Ride? It’s a ride of epic proportions. What started as some friends packing up backpacks and riding nearly 400 miles from San Francisco to Santa Barbara a decade ago, it’s now nearly 400 people riding the same route. Only now we can chuck our backpacks into a truck and meet them each evening.

But we’re doing it inGamba style, which means a feast each evening, exquisite meals, and professional grade TLC each night. Bikes meticulously cleaned and a nice massage to ease our minds and rub down the previous six hours in the saddle.

This is no ride my friends (okay okay, it’s definitely a ride). This is the real deal. HERE is the pre-ride race report. Be sure to check in each day at for what’s going on each day from the field.


  1. Catherine

    How does one get to be a Massage Therapist for the folks in these rides?

    • iamtedking

      Hi Catherine,

      You can get in touch with pro cycling teams domestically and they might take you on ad-hoc. Mass events like grand fondos love massage therapists. inGamba works with professional soigneurs with European ProTour experience, so they’re as good as it gets.

      Hope that helps some.


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