“…turns out I’m a bit of a mechanic!”

I’m not just a muddy face and winning bike races in retirement, folks. Turns out I can change a flat tire too!

I’m absolutely floored with the reception I’ve received for taking home the win at Dirty Kanza. On site, online, from family, friends, fans, and friendly people I don’t know. Look, we can all admit I didn’t win a lot of races as a pro, so on one hand, it feels hackneyed, but on the other hand it’s entirely forgotten in the sport of cycling, so I’d like to genuinely thank my sponsors.

  • Cannondale Slate was the perfect bike for the job. I mean that, perfect.
  • SRAM gave me the 1x drivetrain. A 44t front ring paired with a 10-42 rear cassette provided me the best range someone could ask for. “Kansas is flat”, right? No, 10,000 feet of climbing is a testament to that misconception.
  • Zipp carbon handlebars and seatpost provided a plush and comfortable place for my hands and hind quarters for a long day in the saddle.
  • Cycliq captured all the fun and prizes over a long long day in the saddle (battery life anyone?!). Stay tuned for some sweet videography.
  • Velocio outfitted me in their Ultralight jersey which was ideal for the baking hot, dry conditions. And let’s also add that my rear end is still quite comfortable which is a testament of my Velocio Signature Bibs over the course of 11 hours 50 minutes in the saddle.
  • POC‘s Octal helmet is supremely comfortable. And the DO glasses protected me from the sun, stray rocks, mud, sweat, fog, humidity, and everything else that might smack into my precious eyes. Plus they look awesome.
  • I’m a lifelong Speedplay user and fan. I’m long accustomed to their road technology but they really wowed me with their SYZR pedals. It’s an entirely new thinking to a very traditional world of mountain bike pedals/cleats. They were perfect all day… and trust me, from river crossings to ankle deep mud to bone dry, rutted out gnarly descents, we saw every condition imaginable over the course of the day.
  • I downed a whole lot of UnTapped Maple out there on course. Ten packets and three waffles. Fact. Oh, I also had a few pickles at the final aid station.
  • Strava provided the route which was displayed on my handlebars. They’re also featuring a blog, so check that out shortly.
  • RoadID kept me a little closer to safe were something to arise. Safety is important when you’re in the middle of nowhere!
  • Giro, I mean seriously, I have the most comfortable shoes in the entire 2,000 person peloton (or on par with the other people in the race with same super stylie Empire shoes).
  • Sunflower Outdoor and Bike is owned by Dan Hughes, an unequivocal legend. The only multiple time men’s winner (Reba Rusch has the women’s 3x title), Dan is also a father, husband, benevolent host, sincere friend, and likely the nicest guy in Kansas. Without a doubt, he was instrumental in my victory. Go to Sunflower in Lawrence, KS and spend some dollars, because those guys are awesome. Also an employee of his and addition great guy is Colin, who generously served as my pit crew, so a huge thanks to Colin and his mechanical prowess.
  • And of course the great people at Dirty Kanza. I met every one of the incredible people who run this event and to continually draw thousands of people back year after year is a testament to their dedication to a remarkable event. Thank you.

(A further write up on BikeRadar.com about that handsome steed is featured at the link mentioned yonder.)


  1. Becky B

    Congratulations my friend!!

  2. Paul McKnab

    Thanks for your kind words and for the race in Emporia. My wife and I were at the 140 mile point. We had been waiting at an isolated spot, but left it to check the progress of the leader. All of a sudden you came over the top of the hill bearing down on us about one-half mile away . I turned around to return to our corner waiting spot . I was quickly up to 40 mph downhill, but you were gaining on me . When you went by you had the posture of a pro, leaning into the curve, etc. Unfogetable!

  3. Karen P

    Congratulations on a fantastic win!!

  4. Helene Barrette

    Congrats Ted! And your write-up to thank sponsors is great – not just pretty words, but meaningful info that will have me researching a few products for my own use. Cheers!

  5. Tommy Ackerson

    Impressively impressive. Great day in the office!

  6. Michael Cranwell

    Well Done Ted. Most impressive. Looking forward to seeing what you do at Leadville. #PoweredByMaple

  7. Miguel R

    Well done, Ted! That’s a great accomplishment. We were excited for you!

  8. Derek H. MacKay

    Class act all the way.

  9. DJ

    fantastic ride Ted! Congrats on the win.

  10. TimTim EkTim Ek

    I’ve completed 6 Dirty Kanza’s and I’m the guy responsible for the “Racing the Sun” concept. I made it to cp3 this year and had to pull the plug, the heat did me in. It’s so refreshing to hear from a Pro that the things he struggled with were the same things the rest of us struggled with. Thanks for your humble response to this beautiful race. Most importantly, thanks for getting it!
    Tim Ek
    Salsa Cycles

  11. Jay

    Congrats Ted. Which model Shimano road shoes do you usually wear? I’ve been using R3xx model shoes for years now and love them.

  12. Rebecca Rusch

    Is it possible to love Ted King anymore? The road racing world fell in love with him during the 2013 Tour de France when he was pulled. Now he’s gathering even more fans on the dirt….

  13. Ben B

    Thanks for not being an ex-pro a$$hat like some of the folks that show up for this event. You get it and I applaud your win. Good show sir.

  14. Derek

    Hey Tim, Just wondering about your camelbak and what model it was? Why did you choose the camelbak over say a frame bag with a bladder inside (i.e. taking the load off your back for 200 miles)? Many thanks.

    Hopeful DK200 2017 Finisher


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