If you’re like most cycling fans, you probably watched a bike race today. It probably took place in France and ran from roughly Paris to roughly Roubaix — although curiously, not exactly in either of those locations. I did that too, but I preceded my time in front of the TV, err… computer with a strong ride with some strong dudes. If you’re like a small fraction of those bike-race-watchers today, you may have noticed that I didn’t take the start despite previously being among those listed. If you noticed, I thank you. If you didn’t, I trust your world has not just now been rocked.

Clocks change. Chameleons change. Change change…es? (yeaaaah, that one was a stretch.) Race schedules change too. Initially, yes, I was on for Paris-Roubaix. We have rocked up to the spring classics with a squad of nine and each of these races take eight from each team. When the whole team made it through a simply absurd Gent-Wevelgem relatively unscathed and as I was a reserve for Flanders, I had the opportunity to return home to Spain, train in fantastic weather, and get ready for the final two Classics week races, Scheldeprijs and the crown jewel, P’Roubaix. Si por favor, casa, dulce casa. But things change. We have a tremendously talented and incredibly young Classics team built for the future, so with a good showing in Flanders, those eight were slated for Roubaix. I returned to Belgium earlier this week, escaped the catastrophic — but totally predictable — crash in the finale of Scheldeprijs, reconned the stones of France which you’ll see below, and with a healthy team going into this weekend, those eight were set for the start today and I was set for home. So it goes, that’s the ever-fluid spread sheet called a racing schedule.


Thanks to Jared Gruber for these pictures. Here, the Cannondale Garmin Pro Team tackles Paris-Roubaix recon. This was Thursday, the day after Scheldeprijs and four days before the Hell of the North.

You think you know, but you have no (no no) idea.




  1. Sharon

    And now it looks like your schedule changed to include Tour of CA, but don’t think I’ll be able to make it this year. 🙁 Darn work gets in the way of having fun sometimes.

  2. Rich

    Bumped into you guys doing recon a few days before Flanders…was too shy to say hello! Captured the moment with VIRB of course.

  3. JGExeter

    Here in New Hampshire we were all sorry to not see you in Paris-Roubaix. Everyone wishes you a great Tour of California.

  4. Annie Fujii

    And I’m going to miss you at the Giro.. We will be in Manarola on the coast near La Spezia May 9 – 16…Good luck in the Tour of CA!
    Still a Big fan!

    • iamtedking

      Bummer! Enjoy Italy Annie. And you should still definitely try to catch some of the Giro. It’s a spectacle and a half!

  5. Becky B

    We have a lot of those “not-hay” piles going on in our neck of the woods too. Not fun to ride past.
    Enjoyed your recon report.

  6. paul

    Hi Ted. You are a rider that I discover not only watching in Tv but also reading you in your blog. Sorry for my english I really became a your fan. Good luck for tour of CA…..
    In italian we say…. sei forte! ☺

  7. StomachofAnger

    “Home Depot? You serious?”


    Frank the tank…frank the tank…

    I see what you did there Mr. King.

  8. Nancy

    If you check out the team performance and their ability to throw bike, you merit to race at Paris-Roubaix. anyway, I hope you get a better team next year with a more honorable manager…

  9. Art Monty

    Sorry you didn’t do P.R., but since I live in France for the winter, and spring months, I watched it on France2 after my 95km. Sunday club ride, great coverage on just about all of it, I rode the paves couple of years ago, SCARY !
    Good luck in Calif., and hopefully we’ll see you at the Giro.

  10. Gabe

    Ted Racing back in the good OLE USA. Good luck at the ToC hopefully we will see you out and about!


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