Ho Ho Ho-liday Gift Guide

Christmas is coming and the Turducken is getting fat.

Greetings holiday shoppers, welcome to the 2014 shopping registry gift guide! Although being “the most wonderful time of the year”, the stress of the holidays adds up and can quickly become enough to turn any jolly sugarplum into an angry Grinch. Bah humbug to that!

We at iamtedking would like to make your holiday shopping an enjoyable and speedy affair so that you have more time to pony up to the serve-yourself eggnog bar and bring in the festive yuletide spirit. Fret not my frineds, the more brandy you add to your ‘nog, the less your cholesterol skyrockets!* In fact, why not whip up a spiced hot toddy or yule ‘nog, cozy up by your computer, and finalize your holiday shopping right about… now!


The holidays are a time to be creative. The sneaky location whereuponst to place your mistletoe, how you’ll adorn the center of your festive dinner table, or tinkering with family recipes are all examples of holiday originality. Along those lines of creative entrepreneurialism comes UnTapped. We’re thrilled with the initial response of recently launching this company where we bring 100% organic, Vermont maple syrup to the sports nutrition market. Taking a page directly from the real-foods-movement, this all natural energy is packed with amino acids, electrolytes, and a great carbohydrate ratio to provide an initial punch of energy as well a longer burn to fuel your rides, ski runs, trail runs… or quickly power you up amid the chaos of the holidays. Check out this informative Q&A I did with The Feed to bring maple to the masses.

Stocking stuffers anyone?



Who’s thirsty? You are! So are your house guests, your friends, your family, your friendly UPS man, and anyone else who might be popping by. Filled to the brim with hoppy IPA or a spicy and festive Belgian ale, this unique and beautiful beer glass is a stand alone piece of art as well as being the delivery method of delicious quaff-to-mouth. Plus it’s exactly the kind of gift anyone on your shopping list would love to open under the tree. We recommend buying a half dozen.


Unless you have a winning lottery ticket in your stocking, you’re likely not hiring a personal soigneur to tag along with you 365 days a year and provide you with a muscle relieving daily massage. Why would you spend $50,000 for a personal masseur when you can pack up your new favorite massage unit conveniently in your suitcase? Or right next to your couch. With a very helpful coupon code, act now and get yourself into a set of Space Legs from the folks at Normatec. I love mine and you’ll love yours. So will your aching legs after a trainer session or evening of shoveling snow.



I say it time and again, with enough patience bicycles will save the world! An archetypical example of that is the work of World Bicycle Relief. Building very durable bicycles for well deserving people in Africa, the simple two-wheeled machine provides an incredible sense of liberty while allowing for young people to attend school, seek and/or provide medical care, create jobs, and overall raise those in need from poverty. While buying a bike is an incredible way to help a person directly, there are other tremendously helpful ways to assist WBR; see all that you can do here.



As I type this, there are just 86 hours, 2 minutes, and 56 seconds left to score screaming holiday deals at RoadID. I proudly and consciously sport my RoadID daily. With a huge array of products on the market, RoadID offers one additional level of security while on your bike… or just getting mixed up in the crazed holiday rush!



There you have it folks. If you still have shopping to do after going through this list, I’m stunned. But you can probably wrap it all up here.

* I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to booze offsetting the effects of eggnog on one’s cholesterol. Heck, it probably exacerbates it.


  1. Jasen

    I got my untapped packets last week and love them. I’m going to have to hide them from the kids so they don’t steal them for their pancakes, so long maple grove farms. How do I get more?

  2. Becky Baumeister

    Is it legal to drink something other than beer out of that unique and beautiful beer glass? If so, it’s going on my Christmas list.


    Great to see you supporting the efforts of WBR, Ted! For a few years now I buy a bike when the Christmas bonus comes in knowing the matching program will put two bikes in the field and so makes double the amount of people happy. Living in Europe makes purchasing other stuff from your website a bit difficult, customs and all, but donating bikes is easy from wherever you are 😉


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