Sunshine Ahead!

Today’s installment of all things will exclusively look to the good in things. We’ll subtitle it, the Power of Positive Thinking. Let’s see, for one, I didn’t crash. Not that crashing is ever the norm — heck, I hadn’t hit the deck in ages and my healthy, intact skin the previous many many months has been exceedingly grateful for that. But after two super days to start the Tour, two Poor Man’s Osteoporosis Test days (as my eloquent orthopaedic surgeon father has dubbed it) caused by rogue middle-of-the-road selfies and wet roundabouts sullied an otherwise wonderful start. Therefore, I decided in yesterday’s horrifically muddy and cobbled conditions to start a new trend. Two consecutive days upright is far better than a lot of folks here. In fact, I talked to a good friend of mine in this here Tour de France bicycle race and he biffed three times yesterday and twice today. And he’s not in the minority! Some brilliant soul should invent pavement that turns pillowy soft whenever a human being is about to sustain an impact. Dang, I bet you’d win an award for an invention like that.

Next up, we rode through the town of Ham today, which I found at least mildly entertaining. Better yet, I’m 98% certain that we rode through a town called “Y” today too. Now I could be wrong, but I’m pretty good at reading town names and sign names and it looked just like this, which is how European towns welcome you to… err, town.

Y, Somme, Picarddie, France sign

It was somewhere along this route

Continuing on, I had a nice discussion with my countryman Alex Howes about bourbon, t-shirts, maple syrup, nut butter, wine, and gold. All good things, so that was fun.

And to wrap things up, at the rate today is going, I’ll have dinner before 10pm — also ending a trend that’s been going on for the past few days.



  1. Kevin from NH

    Watching Ted King pull for his team in the TDF has become a great family event, we record the entire race and watch it with the kids each night. Keep up the good work, stay safe, and keep smiling. You have achieved super hero status to a 12 year old here in Chester.

  2. Peter

    Good Luck Ted! Pulling for you here in New England.

  3. Robbie

    Glad you’re staying upright! I hope your legs are still feeling fit and fresh. Keep up the good work!

  4. Nancy Preimesberger

    I know you have a lot to think about and prepare for during the Tour, but you mentioned the maple syrup so I was just wondering if you also like maple water (like coconut water but…maple). This inquiring mind wants to know. Stay upright, rubber side down and enjoy the rest of the TDF!!!

  5. dick tapply

    Didn’t know you loved food so much. Hope to serve you and your family around our campfire on Newfound Lake when you get off your bike. Enjoy the race and we will be watching. Go fast. Take chances as i always tell my kids.

  6. JGExeter

    You’re on a roll. Best wishes from everyone back home.

  7. Jules

    This made me smile

  8. Andy

    As a good friend of mine once told me…”Hey, it could be worse…you could be on fire.” Really helps keep things in perspective… 😉 Keep up the good work!

  9. StevieB

    So Richie Porte just said on TV (ITV in England) that you were looking enviously at his prune cake on today’s stage!

  10. Andrew

    Chapeau for the Lanterne Rouge Ted ! The daily updates are great. Bonne chance and keep up the great work !

  11. BenF

    Tough as Kevlar you are sir. Too much fun watching you pull all day today!

    Here is the beginning of roads that are able to adapt to changes. Perhaps they would take on the pillowy soft challenege .

  12. Julie

    So much fun watching you kick ass every day, Ted. In your honor my fuel for tomorrow’s ride will be a peanut butter/nutella/bacon/maple syrup sandwich.


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